Saturday, October 4, 2014

Best embrace the fall


Did anyone else catch my Beastly reference? Anyway, I've been sick for the last week with some weird infection, I could barely eat (you know i'm in pain if I don't eat. I <3 food.) I just started feeling better. Friday I had a speech to present in my class so I had to dress up, and It just so happened to be a beautiful Fall day. If you couldn't tell— I live, love, breathe Urban Outfitters. It's my life, and everyday from work I probably come home with something new. I received a 60% off any item as my No Float, so of course I contemplated my whole shift on what to get. Finally, decided on this Ecote Poncho Jacket. Trust me, I am not regretting it, absolutely comfortable and useful!

Well I have to go study/get ready. Going to get sushi with the man tonight (; Have a lovely weekend!
xoxo Bridget

Monday, September 29, 2014

Confidence is in the eye of the beholder.

   I was asked once, "Who do you inspire to be with fashion?" Contemplating my answer to truthfully resemble myself, I soon realized everyone has a different meaning of the word fashion. Some might look at a rack of clothes and think "hmm how would so-and-so dress this?" or "does this look like fashion?" Sometimes I even catch myself asking these useless questions. And yes I used the words useless because fashion should be for dressing yourself, how YOU feel in it. You should put on an outfit and think does this make you feel fashionably beautiful. Personally, I have struggled with putting myself down when deciding how a particular type of clothing looks like on me. I've spent too much time  dressing for  fashion when I should have been dressing for myself. That is the true fashion. There is a way to still incorporate the fashion trends going on, but still where you feel comfortable and confident.  I guess answering to the question, I inspire to be myself—the best Bridget I can be.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thrift Sleep Repeat

   I went all out today on the thrifting! As usual I go on a hunt for one thing and come back with more than I needed! Oh well what can I say, that's one of my favorite qualities about myself—impulse buyer. I can not even express how OBSESSED I am with my room, it's evolving into my own little studio apartment.
  So, welcoming the newest additions, the white 4 fold room divider and wicker chair, which I purchased at a local Good Will store for $40!!!!! I am absolutely crazy for finding these, and the lady at the store gave me an awesome idea that I should put pictures into the 4-fold. So I'll mess around with that and keep you guys update.
  After that phenomenon, I took a drive down to another Wolff's Flea Market! They have a wide variety of thrifting from kids clothes/toys, to kitchen supplies, jewelry, and even records! I came across these beautiful vintage pieces. The long gold chain with dark blue rock and the second one looks like a sun with a blue sphere in the middle (it reminded me of the pennant in Twitches lol.) I've been searching high and low for a "vintage" pearl/white ring, AND I FOUND IT WOOO! If you love any of these pieces and are curious to see what else they have click on the link above and find a schedule to go check them out!
  I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea, but today I only purchased three tiny things. I found a delicious smelling candle that just screams fall. Of course, I don't do real flowers because, well they just never like to stay alive for me. I came across a tin can pot holder and grabbed a little plant to put in it. I took a mini detour on the way there to the mall after receiving an exclusive deal at Aerie, Buy and bra get the second one for $5!! Like how could I not pass that up? These are both Hannah Bras that could be styled multiple ways for any kind of shirt. Also this type of bra is a light lined bra, which is an assistance for someone who has bigger breast. I am not a big fan of a lot of padding, with my body type all that extra mess just makes me look very chunky and unproportional. On the plus side this has to be the most comfortable bra to have ever laid on my chest, both are cotton. I will forever be getting my undergarments from Aerie!
  FINALLY, what I've literally been dying waiting for, my own Lullabies By Lang Leav book. Now I can sit and absorb Lang's literacy masterpiece of love and lust. I'm immediately going out and purchasing her first book Love & Misadventure.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Serenity at it's finest.

Lately I've been having a lot of restless nights, ask me why—I don't know. But what I do know is that at this time is when I create all sorts of creative ideas! So therefore, I have a lot in-store for you guys! Please bare with me, I am new to all of this "personal blogging." I've been so comfortable with tumblr photos, I don't quite know how to share my inspiration and own ideas. However, I am gradually getting there!
Stay tuned for more! 
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Friday, September 12, 2014

New vibes

It's taken me what seems like forever to finally piece together my sanctuary- my humble pride and joy. But now that it is starting to come together my creativeness has been shooting through the roof! I've been working at Urban Outfitters for a couple weeks now and everyday I come home with new inspirations. Currently I'm into the modern look and sticking with a light color scheme. The pictures I put up are very urban/vintage it gives a different taste in the room that gives off a variety of style. Everyday I add something new in my room, making it an continuous project, that will probably evolve through out seasons and styles!  
 I had sewn the decorative pillows for my bed, I'm a bit picky when it comes to pillows—so if you have a sewing machine and fabric why not make your own!  (Which I'm thinking of that as my first YouTube video, whatcha think??) 
I never leave my bed anymore (well nothing new!) I'm still looking around for more vintage nick-nacks at local thrift shops. If you know any good ones in the Chicago area let me know!!

I hope you enjoyed and got a taste of my home sweet home! If you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment below!(: 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just let me be boho.

On this horrid humid day, I had made the choice to collaborate this creative look for a family party. I wasn't feeling so hot, so I decided to stay with the relax comfortable look.Fortunately, I ran to Marshall's in the crack of dawn for an emergency dress. I came across this beaut In the junior section for $26 !  The material just laid on my body and the fringe ends added a bohemian edge. I felt like a little Native American hehe. I paired this with my long crotched cardigan from Forever 21. It was a great twist to make the outfit pop and i loved wrapping myself in it, of course when I wasn't constantly sweating. Short brown booties will do this outfit justice, or over the ankle black bootie heel, would also work, making the legs look longer. 

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Xoxo Bridget (:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Congrats You're A Grad!

    Now that it has officially sunken in that I am no longer a high-school kid, I think it's time to finally figure my shit out. Needless to say, I did find out a lot of things about myself the past four years—but that was only temporary. I leave in nine weeks for the big windy city, to live in an apartment/dorm with 4-6 others girls who I have no idea are, I dont know if I should pack knives in my suitcase.
    This week I am starting to pick my classes—tough shit. I'm a little confused but I know i'll figure my way around it.  It's not coming fast enough, I'm ready for my new adventure. To be in a new environment, completely different people, and experience new things, is absolutely exhilarating.
    However, I can't forget the only thing holding me back, possibly the only thing crushing me on the inside—failure. In my head I see myself exceeding in everyone of my classes, doing all this interning meeting big important people, moving out to New York or LA and becoming important myself. I wan't people to know me for my passion and being damn good at it. But, the only thing in my head right now is how, or what if you aren't as good as you think you are. What if I'm not doing enough?
    I guess time can only tell, you gotta get through the rain to get a rainbow. I am going to finish this summer strong no matter what.
xoxo Bridget