Friday, September 12, 2014

New vibes

It's taken me what seems like forever to finally piece together my sanctuary- my humble pride and joy. But now that it is starting to come together my creativeness has been shooting through the roof! I've been working at Urban Outfitters for a couple weeks now and everyday I come home with new inspirations. Currently I'm into the modern look and sticking with a light color scheme. The pictures I put up are very urban/vintage it gives a different taste in the room that gives off a variety of style. Everyday I add something new in my room, making it an continuous project, that will probably evolve through out seasons and styles!  
 I had sewn the decorative pillows for my bed, I'm a bit picky when it comes to pillows—so if you have a sewing machine and fabric why not make your own!  (Which I'm thinking of that as my first YouTube video, whatcha think??) 
I never leave my bed anymore (well nothing new!) I'm still looking around for more vintage nick-nacks at local thrift shops. If you know any good ones in the Chicago area let me know!!

I hope you enjoyed and got a taste of my home sweet home! If you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment below!(: 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just let me be boho.

On this horrid humid day, I had made the choice to collaborate this creative look for a family party. I wasn't feeling so hot, so I decided to stay with the relax comfortable look.Fortunately, I ran to Marshall's in the crack of dawn for an emergency dress. I came across this beaut In the junior section for $26 !  The material just laid on my body and the fringe ends added a bohemian edge. I felt like a little Native American hehe. I paired this with my long crotched cardigan from Forever 21. It was a great twist to make the outfit pop and i loved wrapping myself in it, of course when I wasn't constantly sweating. Short brown booties will do this outfit justice, or over the ankle black bootie heel, would also work, making the legs look longer. 

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Xoxo Bridget (:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Congrats You're A Grad!

    Now that it has officially sunken in that I am no longer a high-school kid, I think it's time to finally figure my shit out. Needless to say, I did find out a lot of things about myself the past four years—but that was only temporary. I leave in nine weeks for the big windy city, to live in an apartment/dorm with 4-6 others girls who I have no idea are, I dont know if I should pack knives in my suitcase.
    This week I am starting to pick my classes—tough shit. I'm a little confused but I know i'll figure my way around it.  It's not coming fast enough, I'm ready for my new adventure. To be in a new environment, completely different people, and experience new things, is absolutely exhilarating.
    However, I can't forget the only thing holding me back, possibly the only thing crushing me on the inside—failure. In my head I see myself exceeding in everyone of my classes, doing all this interning meeting big important people, moving out to New York or LA and becoming important myself. I wan't people to know me for my passion and being damn good at it. But, the only thing in my head right now is how, or what if you aren't as good as you think you are. What if I'm not doing enough?
    I guess time can only tell, you gotta get through the rain to get a rainbow. I am going to finish this summer strong no matter what.
xoxo Bridget

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Misfortunate Events

   If you haven't noticed from the title of this post, I have some shitty ass luck (mind my french.) If you haven't been watching the news or seen articles on Ebay's hacking, you probably should asap. Over 150 accounts were hacked and someone hacked into the Ebay system. Unfortunately, I was one of the victims in this catastrophe. I was selling my DSLR Camera in order to get a new Canon one. However, being new to this all I went in blind. Someone hacked or created a account looking for new sellers who wouldn't know the rules and advice of Ebay, so unfortunatly I was the dummy. This "buyer" "bought" my item and "paid"$70 extra for overnight shipping. (Notice all the "") I don't want to go into much detail because thats just way too long and probably will make me angry all over again. Long story short the guy sent me an email stating he was hacking the account and scammed me for my camera and left me money-less. And then procceded to send me a picture of him flicking me off. It was lovely. I was completly heartbroken, like why me? But in all honesty, this is happening a lot now to people. Ebay is not a safe website anymore and I absolutely recommend to everyone NOT TO USE EBAY. When I called them to report this and have them figure out what to do they felt the need to tell me this was all my fault and that there is nothing to do. Da fuck?! So I went apeshit on them and now I refuse to pay the $66 invoice. 
   So moral of the story, I don't have my camera so I really can't take pictures unless they're on my phone. But I've decided on instead of dwelling on it, make the best of what I got. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far and that you live everyday like it's your last. 
xoxo Much love Bridget

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Miss Not-So-Optomistic

I think for the longest time I've been in denial about the future. I act like i'm ready to be out on my own, to experience the world for what it truly is. But in reality I am scared shitless. I have no idea what is to come. I've lived in a town with one of the biggest malls in America—wow, much adventure. Even that I'll only go during non rush hours. I think my biggest fear is of failing, not being successful in what i'm doing. I've seen what it's done to my brother, and I can't even imagine myself going through what he has. I went through high-school being so high-maitenced because that's what I thought was best for me. I have big dreams, high goals. I don't know what i'll do if I can't succeed them. But all I can say now its take it as it comes. I'm going to let nature take its course, and hopefully fate will find its way for me. 


    Holy shit. Its been awhile, my sincere apologies. But a lot has happened, I just came back from....NEW YORK CITY. So yeah, there's that. I left on April 16th—aka my 18th birthday—and returned on Monday the 21st. I went with 35 of my Orchesis girls, and we did sooo much in such a little time. We were so fortunate to be blessed with amazing weather there! When I went as a freshman with them it was raining and cold and just no one wanted to do anything but sleep.
    Only this time we took a coach bus. 
    For 15 hours.
    With 35 girls.
    I wanted to throw up everywhere and on everyone by the end of the trip. However, I had a blast with myself. I absolutely love the city, the craziness is so exhilarating. New York was a drug to me and I just wanted more! I took three dance classes; Musical theater, Horton, and contemporary. I experienced ever tourist dream come true within the matter of four days. Truly blessed I would go back in a heart-beat. But unfortunately, I have many unfinished duties here back home. 
   So, back to the main agenda of this rant, I have come across a few products that I can't get enough of and therefore must RAVVEEE about them.

First thing first, I have to admit my number one flaw would have to be my lazy eyelid. Yes embarrassing, but I am embracing the suck. Anyway, I have always had really heavy eyelids and bags under my eyes that tend to make my eyes look sick and old. Ew. Funny thing is my mother bought this at Ulta intentionally for herself, but I have found more use for it myself. It is a miracle I must say! I have  never experienced a product work as fast as this has! I smear a dab on both my eyelids and under my eyes and tada the magic happens and beginngs tightening my lids. Obviously not within seconds of applying, but the next day I saw immediate results! However, it is a high end brand I feel it is a well worth investment. 

Another amazing product that I can't seem to get my hands off of is my leave-in conditioner! It is truly a gift from above! For someone who has naturally thick curly frizzy hair, I have a tough time trying to find something to give my hair that soft shiny look after I get out of the shower. I apply it on my wet unbrushed hair (it works spectacular as a de-tangular) then go through my hair with a comb and instantly I can feel the softness approaching my head! It is very versatile, it works great as a heat protectant, shine master, split end resistant and much more! I got this from Ulta as a free sample, it is a 4 oz bottle and my mom got one too but gave me hers. But I have seen it around everywhere especially Target! So if you are hesitant about this product i'd so go for it because it honestly is so underrated and a truly a miracle !

Last but definitely not least, my Nutribullet. An obsession would be an understatement, this is more like worship. I have devoted my life to this small appliance. That is how strong I got connected to this. I've always had an issue sticking with diets and making sure I got my daily fruits and vegetables, but the Nutribullet has solved all my problems! It is a little pricey but it has become so useful and beyond worth it. I have lost 6 lbs in the last 3 weeks since I have gotten back from New York. Of course I have also been working out and eating healthier but this has given me a boost of energy and motivation in it all. I make three smoothies a day—Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner—consisting of Kale,apple,cucumber, pineapple, chia seed powder, almond milk, and a teaspoon of honey. It is a great investment for you if you are trying to change your eating habits! 

I am what so ever not affiliated with any of these products, I just wanted to share my opinions and rave about how much I love them and how they've impacted my life! If you have any questions and/or comments, please leave a comment below and I will make sure to respond! Have a lovely weekend!
xoxox Bridget

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Daily Bridget

    Hey, hi, hello, hola!
    If you couldn't tell already I am having a fantastic-flipping day! My body felt great after hot yoga last night. Eh-ma-gawd, guys,  I walked into the yoga class and there was Buddha status EVERYWHERE, like honestly I fell in love.
    On another note, I leave tomorrow to go visit my boyfriend and friends at their college. We're celebrating my 18th birthday a little early because i'll be away on my actually birthday. I bought two new Essie nail polishes East Hampton Cottage, and Fashion Playground. I feel like spring is officially here so I couldn't resist on indulging myself in Essie's goodies!
    I wont be able to post this weekend due to my lack of wifi down there, but I will always be on my instagram, which has a preview on the right side of this page. Also I have an updated twitter, so tweet me whenever and i'll follow! (missybridgey11 instagram/twitter)
    Have a fantastic weekend!
   Muah xoxo Bridget